California ‘Teachers’ Recruit Kids for ‘Gay’ Clubs

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Are there any normal people left in teaching, or have they finally weeded them all out?

Ready for another public education outrage? Don’t worry–we’ll never run out of them.

Leaked documents recently revealed how the California Teachers Assn. seeks to recruit children to be in “gay/straight alliances” and get involved with “transgender” (

A printed “guide” shows “teachers” how to start gay and transgender clubs in school, how to put children through a “gay test” devised by Kinsey, and–as always–how to impress upon the children the need to keep all these activities secret from their parents. “What is said here, stays here,” reads the guide.

The guide makes plain the, uh, need to start these instructions while the children are under 10 years old. Oh! And they’ve assembled a video library for the kiddies! “Coming out Gay to My 5-Year-Old Brother” is one of the more popular titles, along with some filth about “Gay Babies.”

Hello? Anybody there?

We need a young, hard-nosed reporter, wearing a wire and equipped with a hidden video camera, to infiltrate the classes and find out what the devil they’re “teaching” at the teachers’ colleges. I’ll bet his findings would appall us.

As for parents who ignore all this and just keep on sending their kids to public school each day–

Maybe you deserve this.

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    1. We probably can’t get that; but I wonder how they’ll fare if another ten million children are pulled out of public school for homeschooling.

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