Weird Euro-Pagan Horsesh**

In 2016 the St. Gotthard Tunnel under the Alps, the world’s longest and deepest railway tunnel, opened with ceremonies of a highly questionable tone. This video shows some of what went on outdoors. The stuff they did underground was even creepier; but the pertinent videos seem to have all been taken down.

Switzerland–John Calvin lived and worked there. How could it have come to this? But all EU Europe was represented at this bizarre ceremony.

What do these purposely constructed images tell us? What’s the message?

Scary thought: These are our country’s allies.

The nations that used to be known as Christendom have fallen upon hard times, spiritually. Who can’t see it? What would we find, if we could decode that “opening ceremony”? What gorgon’s face would we find staring back at us?

Give no glory to Caesar: he has a terminal illness. No amount of poncing around in a tunnel underground will heal him.

Give glory to God; and steer clear of heathen ceremonies.


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    1. Yeah, that’s as far as I could go…what was all that???…my best guess, pure evil, the worship of evil pagan deities. And all so out in the open… Was there any backlash from anyone that you know of? This is the first time I had heard about this. The nations of Canaan were destroyed because of this kind of thing. And so was Israel, when they began to do those things.

  1. There are two entities available for worship, the One True God, and Satan. Anyone with half a brain can figure out who is being worshipped in these ceremonies.

  2. These people belong underground! The pagan Left activists do this out of their religious orientation to show off and vent their unhappiness with the world. Christians are not into big demonstrations because they know the enemy will be there to try and discredit whatever good thing they are trying to achieve. Too bad all believing Christians didn’t vote and make sure they are voting for those who share their values (that excludes all Democrats right our of the gate) – it would revolutionized our government, which is the need of the moment.

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