‘We Must Move the Ideas Forward’ (Mark Rushdoony)

Mark R. Rushdoony | Christian Reconstructionist

Leaders die, followers die. Donors die, too. But the ideas must live on. We depend on the Holy Spirit for that.


The first generation of the movement we call Christian Reconstruction–winning back the world and dedicating it to Christ–has mostly died out. We reprint their books and articles, write new books and articles ourselves; the work goes on. We look to the next generation to continue in our place.

You’d never know it, judging by North America and Western Europe, but conversions to the Christian faith are burgeoning, world-wide. At the same time, humanism is dying: there will be upheavals when it goes.

We serve Jesus Christ, the King of kings. His kingdom is eternal, encompassing both Heaven and the earth. We are part of an ongoing work of great magnificence, a temple made without hands, that will last forever.

Faith moves us; and we move the ideas forward.

3 comments on “‘We Must Move the Ideas Forward’ (Mark Rushdoony)

  1. I don’t think Christian Reconstruction has died out, it has just taken different forms and names. I read recently how huge the Christian population has become in China and how it is growing leaps and bounds. My former pastor has been establishing churches in Moscow, Russia, and even has a cable channel to spread the gospel. He says eastern Europe is in revival. Look what happened in Hungary recently.

  2. God always wins. His people can win so long as they put their trust in HIM and refuse to be bullied.

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