Maryland: ‘Pregnant Persons’?

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Fearful of any shrinkage of the abortion industry, Democrats all over America are scrambling to pass, uh, “laws” protecting the “right” to kill an unborn child.  In Maryland they’re calling it “the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act” (

“Pregnant persons”? Is there some reason that they can’t say “women’s”? Are women taboo, all of a sudden? Or has there been an outbreak of male pregnancies in Maryland?

Critics say A) the bill is unlikely to pass the state legislature, no matter how you slice it, and B) its language is ambiguous enough that it might be construed to legalize infanticide. Indeed, nobody seems to know exactly what it means.

Honk if you trust the nooze “fact checkers.”

Really, now–do we want to give any power, any authority, to characters who are so profoundly dishonest as to use a term like “pregnant persons”?

Have we already lost that much of our self-respect?


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  1. I hate that bills are put forth with an ambiguous tone and especially when it comes to something like this. The bills probably won’t pass – this time BUT it could come up again. I still can’t believe that a growing number of people are out there that have no problems with murdering a baby whether unborn or just born. Life is becoming so cheap.

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