‘NY Governor: “I’m Undocumented”‘ (2018)

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Well, we’ve dodged this bullet, at least.

What a difference a year makes!

Only a year ago or so, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo–famous for lines like “America was never that great”–was the Democrats’ Great Anti-Trump, he’d come in after Biden and Fundamentally Change our country.

No inanity was too large to escape his mouth. Including this one:

NY Governor: ‘I’m Undocumented’

Posing as an illegal alien was a bit much, even for Democrats.

Sexual harassment charges forced this jidrool out of office. Now, after spending beaucoup bucks on TV and radio ads, Cuomo couldn’t scare up enough signatures to put him on the ballot  for this year’s Democrat gubernatorial primary. Sorry, sunshine, you’re last week’s cat-food.

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  1. I’m not sure the sexual harassment charges were the real cause of his forced resignation. I think they were a cover to take people’s attention away from his mishandling of the covid measures and the killing of all those old people in the nursing homes.

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