Woke Mob ‘Hunts’ Conservative Student

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It’s “education”… so they say.

Bear in mind that the University of Buffalo, New York, is a state university that receives public funds–taxpayers’ money.

Recently a mob of Far Left “students,” estimated at 200 strong, chased and terrorized a conservative student who had to hide in a rest room until she was rescued by police (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10707747/Moment-woke-mob-hunts-female-student-invited-black-Republican-speak.html).

Why? Because she, as president of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, invited former Congressman Allen West–who is black–to speak on how he personally overcame racism. This, according to the mob, was an effort to “silence black people”… by allowing a black man to speak. West had to be escorted off campus by police. The mob, meanwhile, pursued the female student.

As they chased her, the crowd shouted the usual leftist endearments: “No justice, no peace!” (I’d love to know what they mean by “justice.”) And “Get her, get her–the girl in the red dress!”

The student said she feared for her life if they caught her. That was surely a rational fear.

Would things like this still happen at UB if the university lost state funding every time they did? Or are we committed to publicly funding lynch mobs?

They probably can’t identify all the students who took part in this, so the only reasonable alternative is to dock the university’s funds until it can prove it’s not a wokie jungle.

If this is what they’re calling “higher education,” then “higher education” needs to go.

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  1. In answer to your question, “Are we publicly funding lynch mobs?” the answer is “Yes.” In fact we’re publicly funding the training of lynch mobs.

    1. She probably would have died — but each of the people in the mob would have denied killing her, on the grounds that “all I did was hit her once” or “all I did was hold onto her while someone else hit her” or “I just gave her a kick.” Remember the Central Park “wilding” that left a woman almost dead? Several members of the gang gave a similar excuse: “I just held her legs” or “I just kicked her once” or “I just [word deleted] her once.”

      Jon Stallworthy, in one of his poems, spoke of “how the man dissolves in the mob’s acid.”

  2. What needs to happen, since there is a lot of video of what went on, every one of the mob can be identified, and then kicked off campus, and removed from classes and the school grounds permanently.

    1. Once they have to say goodbye to six-figure salaries and snazzy pension packages, they’ll have a better understanding and can contemplate it while on unemployment.

    1. The private colleges are just as bad. But of course they accept certain kinds of government funding as well.

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