What Do They Want from Us?

Everything You Need to Know About Hell: What Humans Get Right and Wrong  About It | by Donald King | Medium

“You’re gonna need a bigger Hell.”

So there they are, out there–declaring that “every family” has at least one transgender member (mine doesn’t), and anyone who opposes using the public schools to groom the kiddies for sexual activity is trying to “tear apart families,” blah-blah.

What is it that they want from us? Complete and total surrender to their agenda? Unrestricted sexual access to America’s children? I mean, it looks like, “Okay! Abort as many of ’em as we can! And the ones left over, turn ’em all sterile by messing with their gender!” Is there any doubt that this ideology comes straight from Hell?

The mighty Disney Corp.–whose current bosses wouldn’t survive another two minutes if Walt Disney could come back–is screaming bloody murder against states that are banning the use of the public schools to teach sexual anarchy. In their warped view of things, protecting families can only be done by sponsoring perversion. Disney has made TV ads promoting genital mutilation of children. That’s how they protect families.

How far down do they mean to beat our country? At what point of decay will they be satisfied?

No. They’ll never be satisfied.

That’s something we should keep in mind.

9 comments on “What Do They Want from Us?

  1. This is the most insane generation I can imagine. If we remember what the outcome was and has been for past generations that came anywhere close to acting like this one, we should run, not walk away from this total madness.

  2. They want company in Hell. What they don’t realize is that if there’s any company in Hell it will be noisy, smelly, and violent, with everyone at each other’s throats. Even what used to give them evil pleasure won’t be pleasurable, because when they gave up God they gave up everything good, including pleasure.

    Many medieval sermons said that Hell is the place where you’re forced to do for all eternity what got you there in the first place. My students used to say that sounded great — until I reminded them that since all joy is from God and Hell is a rejection of God, there’s no joy in what you’re doing, just endless pain and frustration.

    Some of these people are building their own Hell on earth, never satisfied, like drunks thinking one more drink will quench their thirst and sober them up. It doesn’t work that way.

    1. Jesus will carry you, just as you carried Patty. Jesus loves us even more than we love each other, and far more than we love Him. Lean on him. Let him carry you. You’re not alone.

  3. The world is in the grips of an anti-Christ spirit, and it will take divine intervention to set it straight. We are seeing a glimpse of what it must have been like in Noah’s day. There comes a point when society becomes so irredeemably corrupt that the only recourse is to start over from scratch.

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