‘Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: “Religious Beliefs Must Change”‘ (2015)

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“Listen up, you peasants!”

Remember how they thought they were going to have Hillary as president and could finally finish off whatever Obama left of America? In anticipation of that happy event, in 2015 libs ‘n’ progs were excitedly babbling about how “religious beliefs”–meaning only Christian beliefs and nobody else’s–would have to “change” to embrace abortion and same-sex pseudo-marriage.

Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: ‘Religious Beliefs Must Change!’

But they hit a pothole named Donald Trump and the scheme had to be abandoned for the time being. Since then, they’ve had to keep it on the back burner. The idea is, “We can’t open the camps until we lock down our ownership of the entire government.”

They never said just how “religious beliefs” would be made to “change.”

Pray we never find out.

5 comments on “‘Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: “Religious Beliefs Must Change”‘ (2015)

  1. We do know how the religious beliefs are supposed to change. They’re supposed to scuttle God and set up the golden calf of leftist government, which will then issue constantly changing commandments according to the whims of the calf’s high priests.

  2. They may think they can change peoples’ beliefs, but I do not accept that for a minute. If you REALLY believe in the ONE, ALMIGHTY God; nothing can change that. I would much rather die than change my
    belief in the true GOD.

    1. And then there’s the Cuomo doctrine: You can be a Christian as long as it doesn’t show up in anything you say or do.

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