‘Tyranny Is Back in Style’ (2015, 2018)

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Year after year they chop away at our freedoms. It was worse in 2018 than it was in 2015, and worse now than it was in 2018.

Tyranny is Back in Style

The “pro-choice” crowd keeps trying to take away all our choices, Big Tech censors all dissenting voices–does anybody get a whiff of the old Soviet Union here? It burned itself out in Russia, but looks like it took root in the West. Here the tender shoots of tyranny are tended and nurtured by Biden & Co., Trudeau Ltd., and Fauci Inc.

God defend us.


6 comments on “‘Tyranny Is Back in Style’ (2015, 2018)

  1. The evil one is always busy- if one place doesn’t work out, he has another one waiting in the wings.

  2. I’m glad to see that more people are noticing not just the “grooming” aspect of the sexualization but also the sterilization aspect. And I agree that the government schools are unreformable. As Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles have pointed out repeatedly, there’s no such thing as a neutral or unbiased education. Young people are molded in one way or another as they grow, and we must teach positive things, not just rail against the negative things.

    By the way, did NWV attach someone else’s picture to your article?

    1. Oops, my comment was supposed to go in the post with your NWV article. My computer is doing weird things today. I’ll go post my comment in the right place now. Can you delete the one that wound up here?

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