My Newswithviews Column, April 14 (‘How Much More “Sex Ed” Will People Tolerate?’)

Ten LGBTQ+ people on how queer sex ed could have helped them growing up | Dazed

Really, the time has come for Americans to answer this question. Who’s going to decide how we raise our children: parents, or a lot of weird geeks from the teachers’ union?

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Will People Tolerate?

Will they finally stop when every child in America has had a sex-change and been rendered sterile? Yeah, they’d have to–in another generation or so, no more people at all.

That’s why we call leftism a death cult. If you are a Democrat, you vote for a death cult

Have parents awakened in time to rescue their children from the groomers?

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, April 14 (‘How Much More “Sex Ed” Will People Tolerate?’)

  1. Some people are trying, but a lot are still asleep, in unbelief, thinking school is just the same as it has always been. They are totally blinded.

  2. I’m glad to see that more people are noticing not just the “grooming” aspect of the sexualization but also the sterilization aspect. And I agree that the government schools are unreformable. As Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles have pointed out repeatedly, there’s no such thing as a neutral or unbiased education. Young people are molded in one way or another as they grow, and we must teach positive things, not just rail against the negative things.

    By the way, did NWV attach someone else’s picture to your article?

  3. Many of the early “pioneers” of the LGBT movement were either members or supporters of NAMBLA. The LGBT distanced themselves from NABLA early on, but I believe this only for appearances stake. At the time, pedophilia would have been a bridge too far to cross when they were still trying to normalize homosexuality. Well, now that we have accepted gay marriage and transgenders, they have become emboldened. What they want is to return us back to a post-Christian world where anything goes. But I believe they have made a misstep. People will put up with a lot, but messing with their kids crosses a red line.

  4. At our City Elders meeting last night we had seven of our members who are running for the School Board election assembled as a panel to answer questions. About 100 people were in attendance. God is moving in our community – how about in yours?

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