‘My Answer to a Schlub’ (2014)

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“You still don’t get it, do you, grandpa?”

I’m sure more than a few of us have heard such banter from the Loving Left: our ideas are no good because we’re old.

It’s very hard to argue with stupid people who have not outgrown college.

My Answer to a Schlub

I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve known in my life, all the beautiful places that now exist only in memory. I’ve known people who were kids in the 19th century. I read, so I can learn from people who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago. And I can and do read the Word of God.

It’s just not worth anything to be a “progressive.” The only “progress” they ever make is toward irrelevance.

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  1. I’m even grateful for the not-so-wonderful people and not-so-beautiful places I’ve known. It’s seeing both good and bad over many years that builds the ability to tell the two apart.

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