‘Trust and Obey’

No hymn requests this morning, so I’ll reach into my memory bag and bring out a Sunday school favorite–Trust and Obey. Sorry, but we are not told who’s doing the singing in this video. But we know who laid out the scenery, don’t we?

12 comments on “‘Trust and Obey’

  1. I didn’t get up at my usual time this morning, didn’t get to sleep much either, but here is a hymn by the Collingsworth Family “Right by your side”.

  2. Hi Lee, Can I please have One day at a time by Lena Martell? Thank you.

  3. Here is a request for tomorrow morning: The Lighthouse. John Starnes has a very good version, but I’m sure there are others you might prefer.

    1. My blog has not been at the usual numbers this month; it seems one has to put more effort in for lesser dividends with hits on social media too compared to even a few months ago

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