‘Jesus Saves’

No hymn requests are in this morning, so I resort to one of my favorites–Jesus Saves, sung at the 2012 Synod of the United Reformed Church in North America, held at Nyack College. And that’s the majestic Hudson River in the background.

‘Christ for the World We Sing’

It’s wonderful to hear this great old hymn again–Christ for the World We Sing. Music by Felice de Giardini–and for some reason I’ve always remembered that name, since I first saw it in the hymnal.

The virtual choir is from Houston, TX.

‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ (Alan Jackson)

This is one of my favorite hymns, going a long way back to Sunday school–What a Friend We Have in Jesus, sung here by Alan Jackson.

Come one, come all, the hymn shop is open!

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ (Burl Ives)

Here’s a good old Sunday school favorite, piano and all–Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by Burl Ives. How many people out there don’t know what “sheaves” are?

‘Rise Up, O Men of God’

Here’s a hymn to get you cranked over this morning–Rise Up, O Men of God, by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

In Sunday school some of us used to sing, “Wise up, O men of God!” We were just dumb kids, but there might’ve been some wisdom in our choice of words.

‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

I’m so tired today! But it’s not that hard to post a favorite hymn, and hope it picks me up.

I Sing the Mighty Power of God, sung by the Mountain Anthems–it takes me back to happy times at Sunday school.

By Request, ‘Trust and Obey’

Sorry I’m late with this hymn contest entry–had to write Newswithviews today. But this is a sweet hymn, an old Sunday school favorite, and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Requested by Erlene–Trust and Obey, sung by Don Moen. Thank you, Erlene–this is awfully nice.

‘This Is My Father’s World’

No hymn contest entries today so far, so I’ll go with one of my own favorites–in fact, an old Sunday school favorite: This Is My Father’s World, sung here by Fernando Ortega.

“This is my Father’s world, and let me ne’er forget/ that tho’ the wrong seems oft so strong, He is the ruler yet…”

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

We can’t do better than this to start our day–a great old-fashioned hymn, Bringing in the Sheaves.

I wonder how many people even know what sheaves are, these days.

And Burl Ives is well worth remembering, too.

‘This Is My Father’s World’ (Fountainview)

I love this hymn! I’ve always loved it: This Is My Father’s World, an old Sunday school favorite, performed here by the students at Fountainview Academy.

We shouldn’t take the beauties of this world for granted. They are God’s conscious work, and He shares it with us.