‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’

An old-fashioned Sunday school favorite–All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, sung by the congregation at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

Please, everybody pray for my wife: she’s not getting better, and we’ve both fallen way behind in our work. We appeal to the power of Jesus’ name–please, Father, heal us.

‘Trust and Obey’

How about a good old Sunday school favorite to start the day? Trust and Obey, sung by the Vagle Brothers–yes, this one brings me back.

We used to have sun-dappled woodland paths around here, too…

‘This Is My Father’s World’

And when God looked on His creation, which He had made, He saw that it was very good…

This Is My Father’s World, sung by Fernando Ortega. I think I want to hear this twice.

‘O, Worship the King’

How about a good old-fashioned hymn, with a piano playing and a congregation singing? Produced by the Northern Baptist Assn.

O Worship the King was the first hymn I learned to play on my harmonica.


‘Revive Us Again’

I keep coming back to this no-frills version of this grand old traditional hymn–Revive Us Again, performed by Nathan (autoharp) and Lyle (guitar) deep in the heart of Texas. There are a lot of ways to sing this hymn; but I think simplest is best.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ (Congregational)

How would this hymn sound if a lot of people sang it, all at once?

It’d sound great!

Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by the congregation and choir at Southwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City. Plus piano, of course: just as I remember it from Sunday school.

‘Jesus Saves’

No hymn requests are in this morning, so I resort to one of my favorites–Jesus Saves, sung at the 2012 Synod of the United Reformed Church in North America, held at Nyack College. And that’s the majestic Hudson River in the background.

‘Christ for the World We Sing’

It’s wonderful to hear this great old hymn again–Christ for the World We Sing. Music by Felice de Giardini–and for some reason I’ve always remembered that name, since I first saw it in the hymnal.

The virtual choir is from Houston, TX.

‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ (Alan Jackson)

This is one of my favorite hymns, going a long way back to Sunday school–What a Friend We Have in Jesus, sung here by Alan Jackson.

Come one, come all, the hymn shop is open!

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ (Burl Ives)

Here’s a good old Sunday school favorite, piano and all–Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by Burl Ives. How many people out there don’t know what “sheaves” are?