‘Living for Jesus’

It’s been ages and ages since I heard this hymn, Living for Jesus. We used to sing it in Sunday school. I don’t know… it just popped into my head when I saw down to look for a hymn.

If you’ve got a hymn you want to share, please just let us know.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

This is one of my favorite hymns–going all the way back to Sunday school, and not knowing exactly what “sheaves” were–and I admit I post it fairly often. Why not?

This is a brand-new video by our friends Joshua and Jeremy. And now this hymn will be in my mind all day… but it’ll be good company.

By Request, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

This one’s for Phoebe, who’s feeling somewhat less than tip-top today (prayers are in order)–The Old Rugged Cross, sung by Alan Jackson.

I used to choke up when we sang this hymn in Sunday school. Sometimes I still do… and I give the Father thanks for that.

‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

No hymn requests yet, so I’m on my own. Here’s one I taught myself to play on the harmonica–I Sing the Mighty Power of God… by Isaac Watts, way back in 1715 and still glorious today. Sung by the Mountain Anthems.

Extra Bonus Hymn,’All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, one of my favorites in Sunday school–lyrics by Edward Perronet (in 1780), melody by James Ellor (in 1838), requested by Thewhiterabbit. This is another one I had in my head today.

Background sets by the hand of God the Creator.

By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

That last nooze story really cheesed me off–not good for the ol’ blood pressure. I turn to a hymn as an antidote.

Requested by Phoebe, a classic hymn by Fanny Crosy, a Sunday school favorite–Draw Me Nearer. And I wish I could tell you who was singing it, so we could thank him. Well, thank you, whoever you are.

‘Trust and Obey’

I don’t remember whether I’ve posted this recently or not. But it’s one of my favorite hymns, I haven’t yet received today any hymn requests from readers, and it’s a beautiful him even if I don’t know who’s singing it! A classic Sunday school favorite–Trust and Obey.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

I wish this hymn were longer! It’s one of my favorites from way back–Bringing in the Sheaves, sung here by Tennessee Ernie Ford. I wonder how many times we sang this in Sunday school before we knew what sheaves are.

‘Yield Not to Temptation’

I don’t know how many times we sang this hymn in Sunday school. It seemed to be one of everybody’s favorites.

Yield Not to Temptation, a classic hymn, performed here by Nathan and Lyle… deep in the heart of Texas.

‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

No hymn requests as yet today, so I’m on my own. How about this one? Holy, Holy, Holy, sung by the Altar of Praise Men’s Choir. How many times did we sing this in our church. I don’t know; but it really filled the building.