Why Does Anybody Say Such Things?

We do not know why this idiot was interviewed.

I don’t know who this, er, “abortion advocate” was, or why she should have been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee as if she were someone of importance.

Asked to define what a woman is, she replied, “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/democrat-witness-tells-lawmakers-men-can-get-pregnant-abortions-video/). Whatever you “identify” yourself to be… that’s what you are! (Are you out there, Genghis Khan?)

Then a Congressman asked her, “Do you believe men can get pregnant and have abortions?”

Wait for it…


Where does that leave us? Either this dindle is saying something she knows perfectly well to be untrue and ridiculous… or she’s just plain crazy. Either way, there are far too many people saying things like this and I don’t know why!

Why didn’t the Congressman say “Do you dare to sit in front of this committee and spout such insulting nonsense at us?” Should’ve charged her with contempt of Congress–although something tells me contempt for Congress is just about universal, these days.

And well-earned.

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  1. It is just mind blowing to realize that anyone with any intelligence, any understanding, any common sense could say such asinine things in public. To be branded as an idiot for the rest of her life… unthinkable.

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