I Can’t Hear You (Anybody There?)

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Listening, but not hearing

Has WordPress done it to us again? It’s telling me there have been no comments here–zip, zero, nada–since midnight, and hardly any views, for that matter.

I wouldn’t be suspicious, except that yesterday several of you had difficulties seeing the comments that you tried to post. Maybe today it’s my turn not to see them.

Please drop me an email and let me know if you’ve tried to comment today and couldn’t do it. Not that that’ll do any good! But at least I’ll know something’s up.

Or if you haven’t tried it and been frustrated yet, you could try to post a comment and see if it gets through.

Anybody else having problems like this?

11 comments on “I Can’t Hear You (Anybody There?)

  1. Mornings are usually bad for me to be posting, because that’s when I usually do my errands and chores. Also, some days I’m just too wiped out to comment properly. (Yeah, yeah, I sometimes comment improperly. You didn’t have to say it; I said it first.) Today is one of the wiped out days. I can just about manage a couple of snarky one-liners (or three- or four-liners). But I do read all your posts.

  2. I have trouble seeing my commits at times when I post. That is why you might see two comments at a time.

  3. Since yesterday, I see only a few of the comments I write. It says Posting Comment, but it never shows up.
    I tried to suggest a song: Rock of Ages, but don’t think that one got through. So many squirrely things going on, it is just maddening.

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