Joe Collidge: ‘I”ll Beet That Qwokker!”!’

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Iff it”s Wor he whants,, it”s Wor he wil Gett!!!!!

That thare stopid Biron “the” Qwokker he thingks he Can gett moar Reeders than Me, Joe Collidge!!!! We hased a Bet “on” it butt he cheeted! by aksing Reeders to rede himb!!!

Doughnt he know “That” i amb A Collidge Stodint and tharfour mutch Smarter than himb??? Doughnt he know “that” thare “are” billyins of collidge stodints witch rede My colyumbs?? Waht a foool!!!!!! And wen i Winn “the” bett he has got “To” giv me a onarraiy deegree fromb that thare Stopid Qwokker Unadversity witch he duzznt has!! I thingk i whil deemanned a Deegree in Nuculer Fizzicks soa I can teech It “at” “a” skool!!!!

Himb and his stopid TV lisztings! He havint gott a Chancet!!!!!!!!!! Look “at” himb running Aweigh!!! He knows his gueese it is coooked!!! Evry reel Soso Jutstus Wirer in the worrled thay “Are” “On” my syde!!! And evry Interllectural tooo!!

I fourget waht i’m saposed To give himb if he winns,,, witch he woont!!! Hay, Biron, this heer Is “waht” yiu get wen yiu Go Up aginst Joe Collidge!! A bole of Equitty Soup!!!!!! Ha Ha!! Yiu thingk i’m in Nothing Studdies for nothing????

And we whil aslo Keey his Car tooo!!!

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