With Or Without Your Consent

John Scott Hightower on Twitter: ""It's alive! It's alive!" Frankenstein,  1931 Censors cut Dr. Frankenstein's original line — "It's alive! It's  alive! In the name of God! Now I know what it's

“It’s alive, it’s alive!”

Scientists in several research institutions have been trying for decades to create “contagious vaccines”–that is, trying to create new diseases and infect you with them without your knowledge or consent (https://brownstone.org/articles/contagious-vaccines-a-warning/). The National Institute of Health is the chief culprit here in the US.

This way, you just shoot up 5% of the population and the other 95% will catch it from them. This “bypasses the inconvenience of recalcitrant citizens who may refuse to give consent.” The new disease is supposed to be milder, but “less lethal does not mean non-lethal.”

Sounds like material for a whopping big lawsuit. Surely the lab coat crowd can’t just go around making people sick and sometimes killing them… can they?

The NIH needs to explain to the American people why it shouldn’t be defunded.

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  1. This kind of evil and insanity grip most governmental systems, financial, businesses, and almost every kind of organization you can think of. This is why Christians (knowable) need to be involved in every aspect of life which goes on, down here on God’s earth. Real Christian influence is lacking across the board, in every institution. Real born-again Christians have changed cultures and nations before, we can do it again. Get to work.

  2. If you look up “monkey pox” on the CDC website, one of the vaccines spreads to other people.

    “ ACAM2000 is administered as a live Vaccinia virus preparation that is inoculated into the skin by pricking the skin surface. Following a successful inoculation, a lesion will develop at the site of the vaccination (i.e., a “take”). The virus growing at the site of this inoculation lesion can be spread to other parts of the body or even to other people. Individuals who receive vaccination with ACAM2000 must take precautions to prevent the spread of the vaccine virus and are considered vaccinated within 28 days.”

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