Disney’s Still At It

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It’s happy puppy time! And if you’ve been with this blog a while, you’ll know why.

Do you remember ever asking the Disney Corp. to “educate” your children?

Well, they don’t care whether you want ’em to or not. They’re just gonna do it.

Which brings us to Disney’s new Toy Story spinoff, Lightyear (https://aleteia.org/2022/06/15/what-you-should-know-before-taking-your-kids-to-see-disneys-lightyear/). The intent seems to be to “educate” very young children about the ineffable wonderfulness of lesbianism, etc. It features two women kissing, getting, uh, “married,” and one of ’em gets pregnant (don’t ask).

Are they or are they not trying to groom children for aberrant sex? A Disney exec brags about the corporation’s “not-so-secret gay agenda.” Is there any reason not to believe her?

Why? Who wants this? What do they get out of it?

I know what Satan gets. He gets the extinction of the human race. Huh? Simple. If everybody’s “gay” or “trans,” no more us. Pffft.

I’d rather we stayed and Disney Corp. went lights out forever.

6 comments on “Disney’s Still At It

  1. The good news is, no one needs to do business with them. The bad news is, a lot of people still will. There’s a fine line between brand names and idolatry. The Disney brand was widely recognized and trusted for many years. They are not the company they were when I was a child, but the cachet of their brand still holds a lot of sway. Personally, I’ll never spend another dime with them, because they sought to overturn the will of the voters in Florida. People need to learn to define their standards, and then live by them.

  2. Yep, when they go off the rails like this, they do not deserve any further attention.

    1. Oops. The comment that should’ve gone here I posted on your previous comment. I must be getting tired: can’t take the heat like I used to.

  3. This past week fraudulent president biden was telling reporters how the GOP was the part of white supremacists and made a joke that they are even going after Mickey Mouse – all the sycophant reporters laughed agreeingly.

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