Abortion as Self-Defense (Are They That Crazy?)

Ezekiel 8:14-18 KJV - Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the  LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women  weeping for Tammuz.

Tammuz was a pagan deity, an idol, whose worship crept into Jerusalem and reached even into the Temple of Jehovah, as told in Ezekiel 8. In those days in Judah, the right worship of God was corrupted by “going along to get along” with paganism.

We don’t have Tammuz anymore, but we do have plenty of idols. “Science.” The state. Celebrities. And Abortion (!), aka “Women’s Health,” “Reproductive Rights,” and “Choice.” And now that the Supreme Court has knocked it down as law for the whole country, kicking it back to the states, there are plenty of wackos out there literally weeping (and cursing and screaming) for this heathen idol. Just like they used to weep for Tammuz, before the destruction of Jerusalem.

But look at it this way.

If you abort a whole generation of babies, there’ll be no one around to have you euthanized the moment you miss a step.

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  1. Those who are screaming that this is “against the law” are obviously not considering that murder is “against the law”. These people have totally lost it. Along the same line: people in this country calling Israel by the name of palestine (a Roman imposition of their own error. God still calls it Israel, My land, where I choose to make My home. The whole world is skating on very thin ice.

  2. No, never. I dread to see (if I’m still around) what the Almighty is going to do with this country. We can read the Scriptures which tell us clearly what He did to the ancient nations. Now, we are coming up before the court for our judgement.

    1. There are those of us who are trying to turn the tide. We don’t have much power, don’t have much wealth–not compared to the ungodly. But we do try. And every blue moon, we win a battle.

      Will God spare Sodom for the sake of ten just men?

  3. This is a very interesting development. Several states have laws against abortion, which will now be in effect. California, Oregon and Washington have laws guaranteeing that abortion remains legal, which is to be expected, given the prevailing sentiments of those states. At its core, this reduces to a states rights issue, and I can see no reason that states shouldn’t be able to make their own laws regarding this. Utah, for instance, has a lot of Mormon citizens, and the laws they have in place likely reflect the values of a majority of their citizens. People are still free to travel from state to state, so the effect of these laws remain within the borders of their respective states.

    But the pro-abortion forces are angry. Perhaps they fear that their state of residence will now legislate agains abortion. Apparently, there was a protest in LA, last night, which doesn’t make much sense to me, in view of the fact that abortion remains legal in California. No one is forcing them to live under the laws of Utah. Long before this Supreme Court ruling, I avoided California, because I don’t feel safe given the lax treatment of certain crimes in that state. I don’t seek to change how they do things in California; I just avoid visiting there.

    I can only imagine that there will be a scramble to legislate abortion, one direction or another. The difference in values from state to state will be reflected in these laws. Ultimately, this opens the door to majority rule, at the state level. It will be very interesting to watch how this plays out.

  4. This morning at church, one of my friends wondered whether the March for Life will still go on next year. I said I thought it might be good to switch the march to June (another Juneteenth?) in order to commemorate the overturn of Roe and Casey. But I also thought it very important to redirect the marches to the states now, because we want to save ALL the babies, not just the ones in selected states and only the ones past a certain stage of gestation. We can’t let ourselves fall into the trap of seeming to say that murder is okay wherever a majority thinks it’s okay.

    I also think — although I didn’t mention it this morning and some here at Lee’s blog may disagree with me — that it’s a mistake to fall back on the argument for birth control as a way of reducing abortions. Statistically, as birth control has increased, so has abortion. First of all, both birth control and abortion begin with the premise that sex should be unconnected with reproduction, and from that premise follows a second premise, that children are inconveniences at best, to be prevented in one case and destroyed in the other.

    1. While I’m not Catholic, I agree that the mental decoupling of sex from reproduction has had a harmful effect. Our reproductive characteristics are as they are because God created us, as He did. I don’t blame any couple for wanting to limit the size of their families, but sexual activity, whether within marriage or not, cannot be separated from reproduction.

      While I support and live the Bible’s proscription against sex outside of marriage, I recognize that many people today do not follow this in their own lives. That is their choice, but it should not be surprising that unwanted pregnancy results. We are given free will, by our Maker, including the freedom to go against God’s law. No one should be surprised if this brings problems.

    2. Exactly. If I were to choose to abuse alcohol, abuse drugs, and not live up to my responsibilities, my life would probably be negatively affected. I endeavor to live responsibly and I get up early every morning and work diligently. This has worked pretty well, so far. If I abandon this and live for immediate gratification, it’s axiomatic that I will suffer loss for this decision.

      Our overall culture is in trouble, because it has, collectively, shirked responsibility and lives with all the reserve and dignity of a drunken sailor.

  5. One woman on the MSM went on and on how her son was been severely handicapped and her niece had disabilities so abortion needs to be kept legal so people like that can be aborted – unmitigated gall from the Left.

    1. The next family get-together that she attends is going to be interesting.

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