Pushback! College Has to Cough Up $800G to Christian Student

Everywhere a Student Happens to Be Standing Is a "Free Speech Zone" |  FreedomWorks

Georgia Gwennit College was only one of hundreds of colleges with speech codes, free speech zones, etc. But now those hijinks are going to cost the college $800,000 (https://www.thecollegefix.com/college-will-pay-800000-to-settle-free-speech-lawsuit-filed-by-silenced-christian-student/).

In 2016 the college silenced a Christian student who tried to evangelize on campus. He got permission to do so in one of the “designated free speech zones,” but that was taken away because “someone complained.” (See how far you get, “complaining” about Critical Race Theory.) So was born a lawsuit brought by the Alliance Defense Fund representing the Christian student. The $800,000 is an out-of-court settlement. We can only imagine what the college would have to be if the case had gone to trial.

But as usual, the Far Left bullies backed down when it came time to go to court.

And this year Georgia passed a state law abolishing “free speech zones.” The Constitution makes the entire United States a free speech zone.

Gwennit College tried to weasel out of it in 2021 by “amending” its speech code “to bring it into line with the Constitution,” but a court ruled that didn’t let them off the hook for abuses perpetrated earlier.

Of course, no amount of fines or penalties will really hurt a college–not when they can just raise the tuition at will and get federal money for promoting transgender.

People staying away from college and not sending their children there, letting these schools go out of business and die–that will stop the abuses.

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