My Newswithviews Column, June 30 (‘Losers Weepers’)

Brett Kavanaugh hearing: Angry protesters flood Capitol Hill

Crafting public policy… the Democrat way

Democrats are going bat-schiff crazy over recent Supreme Court rulings, dissolving into incoherent rage.

Well, sunshine, now you know how we feel!

Losers Weepers

All those years of getting everything they wanted from the courts, never having to push legislation that had no chance of passing, no public approval–and now the United States Supreme Court has bitten them where it hurts. How does it feel, old sport?

Can Far Left Crazy survive without a lot of Far Left Crazy court rulings?

Let’s hope not.

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  1. Perhaps the most absurd is Whoopi Goldberg’s assertion. I imagine that there will be abortion states, and non-abortion states, going forward. This returns that decision to the individuals in each state. The will of the majority, in each state, will decide. Values differ from place to place. Utah, for example, tends to reflect the Mormon values that many of its citizens hold. Contrast this with Washington, Oregon or California, where there will almost certainly be political support for abortion remaining equal. (In fact, to the best of my understanding, there were laws in place covering this, before the Supreme Court ruling.

    While I have my moral stand on this matter, it has no day-to-day effect upon my life. I won’t change my behavior because of this ruling, but I could see this ruling changing a lot of people’s lives. There may be some migrations, with people fleeing to, or from, states where abortion is legal. Undoubtedly, there will be significant campaigns, involving abortion, in various states. The issue is far from settled, and it may be that matters will stabilize, with certain states maintaining a stable legal position on the matter. What concerns me, is the possibility that mobs of the “woke” will try to undermine the will of the citizens, in states where abortion is not legal.

    So,,as I see it, the ultimate question is state’s rights. Earlier, I mentioned Utah. The Mormons were not accepted in many places, because their beliefs differed from mainstream Christianity, and especially because of the practice of polygamy. So, eventually, the Mormons moved to a place where they could practice as they saw fit. (The mainstream Mormon church no longer accepts polygamy.) For the record, I am not Mormon and I am neither promoting, nor denigrating Mormonism, but using this as an example of state’s rights in action.

    To this day, Utah has a lot of people whom practice the Mormon beliefs, to some degree or another. We are free to come or go from Utah as we see fit, and for the most part, it’s not much different from most of the US. There are a few unique laws, such as liquor laws which impose restrictions that would seem strange to someone unfamiliar with them, but Mormons don’t seek to make the rest of the Western US into Utah. The entire western US has a strong Mormon presence, but life here is not much different from anywhere else. I see this as an example of state’s rights working to protect the rights of citizens to self-determination, and to protect the citizens of neighboring states from having the values of others imposed upon them, against their will.

    There are places in the US I tend to avoid, where local laws and policies have made it dangerous. Sadly, some of my favorite places are on that list, these days, and the two places I think of as being home are no longer places I care to visit. But there are places where I still feel comfortable, and where I can live according to my personal values.

    Honestly, I don’t care how they do things elsewhere; I respect the rights of citizens to make local laws. They don’t answer to me for their choices. I hope that the positive values of the citizens of the US are applied in this matter. As each state decides how to proceed, each will experience the results of their decision.

    1. Please remember we are always talking about persons who think they have some kind of mandate to “change the world,” whether the world likes it or not.

  2. Looking forward to November when the GOP takes over the Congress, and January 2023 when they take power back and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House is gone from that position forever. Then looking forward to November 2024 when Trump is elected President again, and January 2024 when he and his America First Administration take over. And then there is Ron DeSantis in the wings for November 2028.

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