Parents Sue Loudon County Schools

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They won’t heed your protests while your kids are still in their schools.

I’m all for suing school districts where they batter the kiddies with transgender, Critical Race Theory, and pornography. That’s why parents in Loudon County, Virginia, have mounted a lawsuit against their local school district ( They’ve accused district officials of using “mafia tactics” to intimidate parents.

There’s one thing wrong with this picture, though. You sue the schools. They bring in their lawyers to defend them. And who pays for the lawyers to defend your ever-lovin’ “school officials”?

You do! You, the plaintiffs! Out of your sky-high school taxes!

Who’s idea of fairness is that?

The one thing that really works is to pull all the kids out of public school and let the system die. Face it: you’ll never convince the teachers’ unions to behave like decent human beings. All they want is the “fundamental transformation” of America–and they’ll destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way.

Lawsuits are fun; but withdrawing the children from the system will actually work.

We have to teach our ruling class that “consent of the governed” is not an empty phrase.

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