‘Can You Buy Eternal Life?’ (2019)

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How could it possibly not work?

Well, gee–what’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t enjoy it forever–and keep on getting richer and richer? Some of the world’s wealthiest jidrools are looking for ways to accomplish that very thing.

Can You Buy Eternal Life?

Can you imagine how crazy Bill Gates would be, by the time his 400th birthday rolls around?

God offers us eternal life in Jesus Christ, but why be a billionaire if you can’t be your own god? And anyway Science will give us immortality and we won’t have to give up fornication!

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  1. “ Science will give us immortality and we won’t have to give up fornication!”

    You hit the nail on the head, with that statement.

    Mankind is under the curse of sin, which brings about death. You can do a lot of things to improve living conditions, but you can’t undo the effects of sin. In terms a programmer would understand sin==death, which means that sin absolutely equals death.

    Now, would a person want to live forever under the unrighteous conditions of this world? The moral deterioration over my lifetime is palpable. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I lived to twice my current age.

    The human race is under the effects of certain actions the Creator has taken in order to counter the effects of human corruption. The Babel event is perhaps one of the biggest events since the Flood. We deal with this daily, in our modern world. In order to prevent mankind from concentrating its efforts in opposition to the Creator, we were separated into nations, divided by language. Mankind has come up with all sorts of workarounds in an attempt to counter this, but these are, at best, limited in their success. As we’ve improved communications across the globe, we cannot completely counter the effects of language and cultural barriers. There is no real escape from this ancient action, on the part of God.

    If we can’t overcome the effects of Babel, how can we possibly overcome death? The answer is simple; we can’t reverse the actions of God.

    1. You are right. Modern life is better, in some ways, but considerably worse in other ways, We have so many forms of communication now, that it becomes confusing. More forms of communication also means more distraction. I have an app on my phone, tl block calls from unknown numbers. I have to have this, and pay an annual fee to maintain it, or my phone would ring constantly. I receive unwanted email advertising daily and, once again, have an app to weed out the junk.

      A few years back, I made a conscious decision to get closer to the Bible and to eliminate the influence of humans that sought to categorize everything they disagreed with in scripture as symbolic. One positive benefit of this was being reminded that mankind is in a fallen state, and that many of the frustrations of life are a result of that fallen state. I accept the division of nations at Babel as God’s wisdom, even though it causes inconvenience. We live on an earth that is a flood wasteland, and that is not reflective of what God wanted for mankind, but is the result of sin. Because of this, we have to deal with an earth that is not ideal for us, and requires that we take measures to regulate the temperature of our home and workplaces. Yes, it’s a problem, but it’s also a reflection of God’s will, while we are in a fallen state.

      When all is restored, these frustrations, along with sickness and death, will be done away with, but in the meantime, we will have problems to deal with. With all of our technology, and five surgical procedures, my vision is not as good as it was when I was a young man, and I have aches and pains that have accumulated over the decades. We have great success in some matters, but we still suffer the effects of sin, no matter what. No ideology, nor any medical procedure, will reverse this fact. Even if you could effectively banish disease and the effects of aging, sooner or later an accident would befall you.

      Imagine the irony, of a wealthy person that has extended his life by paying for extreme treatments, dying when his cash safe falls on him during an earthquake. :j

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