Ben & Jerry’s Hot Potato

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Investors are jettisoning their stock in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream–which is to say, they’re tossing our their stock in Unilever, the British corporation that owns the Far Left Crazy ice cream chain (

State pension funds and other holdings in Colorado, New Jersey, Arizona, and several others, have severed their connection with “Sodomy ‘R’ Us”–oops, sorry: Ben & Jerry’s. The company’s passionate commitment to every Far Left weirdo project in the book came to a head last year with its taking sides with “Palestine” against Israel and threatening not to sell any more ice cream in the West Bank until it’s a Palestinian state. For many investors, that was the last straw. The Colorado public employees’ union got rid of more than $40 million in Unilever stock.

So Unilever sold its waning interest in Ben & Jerry’s to an Israeli firm.

Ben & Jerry’s has been a pimple on  the body politic for many years. They’re fanatics; they won’t change. They were Woke before anybody knew what “woke” meant.

With so many other brands to choose from, why buy any ice cream from them?

Go woke and go broke…”

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  1. I’ve never bought any of their ice cream. Same for the Newman’s Own brand, which funnels money to all kinds of left-wing and pro-abort (but I repeat myself) organizations under the guise of “donating profits to charities.”

  2. Genesis 12:3 tells us that those who bless Abraham’s Seed will be blessed, and those who curse his Seed will be cursed. I don’t agree with everything the nation of Israel does, but I will not oppose them, because I will never go against the Seed of Abraham. The Bible makes plain that Israel is regathered in unbelief, and so it is. The BDS movement will not prosper.

  3. I think of this verse every time I read another article about the Jew hatred I am amazed at. I would hate to be standing in front of the Judgement Seat as one of that group. Some of these misguided souls are pastors of churches. Frightening.

    1. I spent most of my life schooled in Replacement Theology. There was a point where I realized that much of what I had believed was incorrect. I literally asked God; “what now? At that point, I was lost, and would only state that I believed in the Creator, but had emptied myself of pretty much everything else. After my prayer, the words of a friend came to mind, when he had told me that Israel was the only nation which had ever come back into existence after years of non-existence.

      After considering that thought, the Bible came into focus and I began the process of understanding the role of Israel in God’s plans. The Seed of Abraham was chosen as a blessing to the nations. It was never expected that they would live up to what was required, and from very early on it was prophesied that they would be dispersed, suffer greatly, and be regathered. None of this was to reward them as a people, but it did play a crucial role to make Abraham’s offspring into a nation. This was about creating a lineage from which the messiah would spring, and about the legal establishment of a ruling authority, where the Hittites had behaved in such a way that scripture tells us they were vomited out of the land. This is about much, much more than simply being “chosen”, because Abraham’s Seed was chosen for a very specific purpose, and the purpose continues to our day. Standing against that, is not wise, so those whom seek to pressure the nation of Israel via “BDS”, will not succeed.

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