Violet Crepuscular Takes Aim at Hillary

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This is really too much! Hillary Clinton teams up with some “best-seller” romance writer and presto! A political/romantic thriller. And they get to be on all those TV shows.

State of Terror, my knooshka! My co-author is Kenny the Lobster. He’s the one who came up with Mr. Bigcheeks. We haven’t been offered any TV time! And yet my masterpiece in progress, Oy, Rodney, is almost 500 chapters long–much longer than freakin’ Hillary’s. The only way she’d ever get to 500 chapters would be to write about her crooked dirty deals!

No, no face-time on Good Morning, America for me! Anyone can have her name put on a book cover! If she actually wrote 15 words of that book, that’d be 15 more words than I thought.

Wish I could get Kenny into the bathtub with her!

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  1. Uh-oh, looks as though a novel-writing politico may get written into “Oy, Rodney” soon. 🙂

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