‘Now They’re Politicizing Ice Cream’ (2018)

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Isn’t that pathetic?

When Donald Trump was president, Ben & Jerry’s Far Left Shills came out with “Resist” ice cream.

Now They’re Politicizing Ice Cream

Think they’re preaching any resistance to that Biden-Schumer-Pelosi crowd? Or does “resistance” dry up and blow away whenever there’s a Democrat in charge.

It’s understandable, though. If you do resist Democrats dramatically enough, they will make you disappear. And forget about your right to a speedy trial. Only the Left has rights.

‘”Pro-choice” Means “No Choice”‘ (2017)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) by [Lee Duigon]

Once upon a time, some wokies tried to sabotage my fantasy novels because they didn’t like my politics. So they went to amazon.com and posted one-star reviews of Bell Mountain–which they hadn’t read, but they were out to punish me for not loving Big Brother.

‘Pro-Choice’ Means ‘No Choice’

It took some days to resolve this. I’ll be re-posting my commentary on the situation as it developed. (Would you like to see more of that today or wait for tomorrow?)

Well, that’s leftids for you–always taking away your choices. And thanks to our overpriced but truly wretched “education” system, many of us are willing to give up our freedom in return for–what? What do they think the Left is gonna do for them?

I mean, they won’t even let you read a fantasy novel in peace…