Daown Whith ‘The’ Soupream Cort!!!

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Well we has awl hadded It “whith” “the” Soupream Cort!!!!! Whoo do thay thingk thay “are?”!”?

Frist thay woont Let yiu has a bortion!!!! Increbbidle!! and I whanted a bortion, tooo!!! Whye elsse Do yiu thingk i get Shot Up whith awl themb Moth hoarmoans??? Then thay sayed yiu Can “send” yore kidds To Religgin Schoool!!!! Like thats Not aginst The Law??? And thay letted somb stopid Coatch prey on “the” Futt-ball feeled!!!!!

Sints wenn Do we eevin Has a Soupream Cort?? It wuzznt thare twoo yeres Ago!!!

And it bettor Not be thare to-marrow oar we whil awl “Be” goodd And “mad” and then whach Out!!!!!!!!!!

Keeth Obermint he is a Fizzycist he Is into Sciints and “he” says it “is” tyme To Abbollix the Soupream Cort “and” aslo Get Ridd Of It!!!! Pressadint Jobydin he shood jist “Locke The Doars” of the Soupream Cort bill-ding and Not lett ennyboddy in no moar!!! That wood “Taik Cair” of it!!!! Keeth he aslo cuvvers Spores on Yiutoob so he pritty mutch Knows “evry-Thing”!”!”

I doughnt Know ware themb Jujjes on the Soupream Cort caim fromb butt thay bettor go “Back” thare “In” a Hurrie!!!!! We was So mutch batter Offf wen we diddnt Has no Soupream Cort at awl!!!!

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