Had Enough Yet, Parents?

You want your kiddies “educated” by him? Really? Would you believe this mutant is a “dean” in a public high school? Have we truly come to this?

Today’s public schooling outrage comes to us from Fairfax County, VA, where the district school board has ruled to prohibit teachers from notifying parents when their child “decides” to “change gender” (https://freebeacon.com/campus/virginia-school-district-prohibits-teachers-from-contacting-parents-when-students-change-gender/). Sorry for the quotation marks. We need them when we talk about crapola.

So if your child “decides” to change his name, use the opposite-sex bathroom, or demand the use of really silly pronouns… the teacher is prohibited from letting the child’s parents know.

And if a teacher’s “personal beliefs” get in the way–so what? That’s the policy. Obey it or else.

No parental consent is required anywhere along the line. What would move a little kid in kindergarten to say “I’m non-binary!”? Uh… let’s see… crystal ball… Ooh-ooh, I know! Praise and approval from the “teachers”! Lots of attention! And if some other kid bugs you, you can have him or her totally destroyed because nothin’, baby, nothin’ trumps transgender!

Supposedly Congressional action is brewing over this (good luck finding any Democrat who’ll buck the trannies); and by jove, Fairfax Co. schools currently have hundreds of job vacancies! It must be hard finding people who are evil enough to teach there.

Meanwhile, parents have elected a “shadow board” whose job will be to monitor and rebut the real board. It has no authority.

Look, it’s simple. These “educators” are out to wreck our country, and the schools are how they do it. The only effective remedy is to take the children out of the schools and end public education.

Before it ends America.

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