From Crayola to Crapola

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I balked at using the picture that the nooze article came with. Here is a nice painted turtle instead.

Here’s a nooze story that I didn’t want to bother with on Sunday. I’m only bothering with it now because too many people still don’t understand that the civilization that we live in could actually be destroyed–by folly and perversion. Like this:

Why do we need this… person… advertising a product used mostly by children? What was the Crayola Co. thinking? We are supposed to be sorry for this character who “grew up not seeing anyone who looked like him in the media.” This one is also a “life coach.” (Wake up, wake up, it’s gotta be a dream!)

Where do you have to go to get away from the freak show?

Crayola instantly generated a backlash from parents who didn’t want their five-year-olds presented with such a “model.” Next stop, overt pedophilia?

Everyone at Crayola who had anything to do with this must be fired; and we need to buy our kids’ crayons from somewhere else.

7 comments on “From Crayola to Crapola

  1. The moment I see the words “life coach”, I know that I’m in the wrong place. Why should passing some arbitrary course of study qualify someone to be a “life coach”. When I want advice, I seek out someone with a proven track record and plenty of experience in that area.

    My paternal grandmother was not a highly educated person, but she had seen a lot in life, and I learned some important things from her. She was a good source of practical information, but probably not a good source of information about how to flight a fighter plane. Being a good “coach” in one area doesn’t make you a good coach in every area.

    Crayola should stick to their core business and leave the woke stuff alone.

  2. How sad things have become, especially in the interest fields of the most vulnerable; the kids. Seems we are being attacked from every possible direction. We have to fight. We have the full armor, so lets use it. I applaud Lee for the things he posts and stand against all this evil. We alll have to do the same.

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