Getting the Nooze–a Week Before It Happens

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Oh, that nooze media!

Michigan Channel 3 News (LOL) has published the results of Michigan’s Republican primary election–which will not be held until next week (

And so another satire becomes reality. Just yesterday I reposted a satire I wrote in 2018, “New from J-School: A Scoop Every Time.” Reporters can get scoops simply by making up news stories and publishing them before they happen, if they ever happen at all. And if they don’t, who’s going to notice?

Channel 3 had all the RINOs and anti-Trump stooges winning their primaries, which will not be held until next week. They made up news stories from thin air, numbers and all,  and published them. Then they wonder why we don’t trust “journalism” anymore.

Why have elections at all? Let the nooze media announce the winners ahead of time and all the voters can stay home.

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