Let’s See What Y*O*U Think

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I’ve just written my Newswithviews column (huff-puff!), in which I posed a question which I want to throw open to regular readers of this blog. Casuals are welcome, too.

Question: What do these off-putting nooze stories have in common?

*New Orleans erects statue of naked woman in the coils of a serpent.

*Kamala Harris sounds the alarm, “Women are getting pregnant every day in America!” Sheesh. Man the lifeboats.

*Rugby team forced to wear jerseys that promote “Gay Pride.”

*Nooze network reports election results a week before the election is held.

*Crayola hires “trans man” to sell crayons to children.

You’ll find my answer Thursday, in the column. But until then, I’d love to know what you think these have in common. Let’s have a conversation about it! We might well find it edifying.

P.S.–All of these stories can be found here on my blog.

5 comments on “Let’s See What Y*O*U Think

  1. The flight from reality and the hatred of God’s creation. At base, Satan’s thumbprint.

  2. This is probably not what you have in mind, but the common thread I can derive is that all of this seeks to undermine order.

    Going back, a few decades, there were the right and the left, and their differences seemed mostly a matter of political philosophy, but that has changed. It has become much, much more than political points of view, but strikes me as aligning, more and more, along lines how we view our place in the Universe, and if our source of authority is human, in Divine.

    1. The Bible tells us that there will be a dividing. Luke 12:51 “ Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division;” One th8ng I’ve noticed is that there is no common ground, on many issues. Politics is as old as recorded history, but this seems to go beyond politics, and cuts to the core of one’s motivation.

  3. They all have the cat picture you posted for this column in common – just joshing. Anything that degrades mankind being made in the image and likeness of God must be attacked. Evolution is the Lef’s god and is useful in justifying anything they desire. As the Satanist believes, “My will be done.”

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