Can They Possibly Not Know What They’ve Done?

New Orleans had a statue of Robert E. Lee. They took it down, to show how virtuous they are. And just to make sure all us deplorables got the message, they replaced Lee’s statue with this…thing: a naked woman with a big serpent coiling around her body (

Hello? Hello! Anybody there? I’m trying to find someone who’s read the Book of Genesis and knows about the woman and the serpent. (Not even a busy signal. Just static.)

They were to have moved this artifact a few days ago, I don’t care whether they’ve done that or not. It would have been just as questionable to let it stand for five minutes as for six months. They say it was to “celebrate” African something-or-other. But the story in Genesis is older than anything from Africa.

Enough people in America have lost their heads to put the whole nation in danger.


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    1. Lee actually was a very godly man; he had more integrity in his little finger than the entire democrat party put together. Up until a very short while ago, he was considered a great man by nearly everyone. Even his enemies acknowledged he was a singularly admirable man.

  1. This is so disturbing to see that our nation is reverting to the ways of ancient Rome and Greece, et al.

  2. Thanks for posting this – it didn’t make the conservative websites I visit daily. Robert E. Lee was a Christian, and my Bible says Jesus forgives those who believe in Him. If we lived in Virginia when Lee did, would we have thought of things any different from him? Maybe if we do, that could be considered an example of virtue signaling.

    1. I still don’t understand the argument that the states must be compelled,. by deadly force, to remain in the union against their will.

  3. All wars are bankers wars. Always about power and control. In the south they call it the war of northern aggression. The south was providing the tax base to fund the country through their exports out of the Mississippi. General Sherman was the villain and what they did to the south-the unnecessary destruction to everything (people/animals/buildings) to dehumanize and destroy the culture of the south. There no longer are left/right wing/demonrats-it’s all a divide us psy-op and a distraction (red/blue-sports) so we do not see that they are working together and keep us divided and not focused on the puppeteer. Same bolshevik operators that murdered the Tzar of Russia. They are the destroyers and are hell bent on destroying all of God/Yahweh’s creation including the white race. Historically (over 100 years ago) we were over 30% of the world’s population, now we are around 7-8% (this is by design). They are truly satan’s spawn. What happened in the Garden of Eden wasn’t about an apple and cain was the result. God our Father is our only hope. 2 Chronicles 7:14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. We must take a stand and speak out against all evil we witness. We have a responsibility as Christians.

  4. You’re correct. The evil runs very deep. Most folks have no idea the depth of the evil and trying to educate (from our experience) can be fruitless. Most think it’s biden, the fake that can’t put two sentences together.

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