Do Your Kids Wear Pronoun Bracelets?

Pronoun Bracelets - Etsy

Hot dog, “xi” and “xir”! Tell me how this is NOT totally asinine.

Oh, boy! School will be starting up again real soon! And there’s already a major fad waiting to kick in–

Pronoun bracelets! ( Let people know “what gender you’re feeling today.”

Come on, now–I want to hear from someone who thinks this is all, like, peachy-keen and will do all sorts of good to our culture. Does anybody out there actually think that? Let’s hear your reasons! If you have any.

12 comments on “Do Your Kids Wear Pronoun Bracelets?

    1. Yeah, I like those pronouns. But my wife would not fall in line, and call me anything close to those.

  1. If you can “feel” like a female today when you are a male, why not take that just a bit further? Use pronouns like lion, bear, or white shark, and begin to act like those beasts. After all, if you can pretend to be the opposite sex in manners and such, why would it be wrong to “feel” like a lion, and begin to act like a lion, and pounce upon and bite other people?

    I would like to see some bright Christian college student, who understands the insanity of this, protest. Get one of those bracelets with different animal pronouns. And one day identity as one of the listed animals. What could they say, when you begin to howl in the classroom like a wolf, after all, you identity as a wolf, and that’s what wolfs do.

    1. I just came in from mowing, in 90 degree plus heat, and I smell like a horse. Does that count for something? Gotta go, time for some hay.

  2. I identified as a bird today. That didn’t go well when I jumped off the roof of a two-story building.

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