Oh, Those Coincidences!

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This happens a lot, around here.

When I don’t find a hymn request waiting for me in the morning, I choose a hymn to post–usually the first one that pops into my head, without premeditation. And of course there are thousands and thousands of hymns to choose from!

So I post the hymn I’ve just thought of; and by and by I get a notice from a reader, “I was just about to ask you for that hymn!” It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen pretty often. Certainly often enough to notice.

It’s not like we have a limited selection. I post a lot of hymns I never heard before, because readers have requested them. Fanny Crosby alone wrote eight or nine thousand hymns: how long would it take us just to post all of hers?

I don’t make these coincidences happen. Maybe God does.

What do you think?

Why We Are Here

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St. John, as played by Richard Harris

I like to think of this blog as a kind of community; but I know it’s a community in which different interpretations of the Bible, especially regarding “end times,” abound.

But the point I want to make is that we are all here. And what are we doing here, with our comments, Bible verses, and various other writings? What are we doing here?

Working. We are all working to serve Christ’s Kingdom. That is what we have in common, in spite of our differing opinions. We belong to different churches, we come from different Christian traditions, we have different experiences… but we are all here, all working as we can in the service of our Savior and our King. How He makes use of us, and how He makes use of our work, is very much up to Him.

So I put my head down and keep on working, as best I can. I think all or most of us are doing that. Some of my work takes the form of writing fantasy novels. So be it: that’s what I do. In the end God will make it all clear. Until then, we work… in His service.

Look What Mike Has Done!


Our friend and esteemed colleague “ElderMike” carved this graceful image of a Diplodocus, with eggs and a baby. I don’t think Charles R. Knight himself could do a better job of it (he sculpted in clay, not wood).

As someone who couldn’t do a work like this to save his life, I can only enjoy and admire it, and share it with the rest of you. It took Patty several days to figure out how to transfer the picture from e-mail to our blog’s Media page–no small achievement, that.

This really is beautiful, isn’t it? Thank you, Mike!

A Celebration of Violet Crepuscular

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Phoebe has suggested we have a nice party to celebrate that long-anticipated day when Violet Crepuscular publishes Chapter D (that’s 500!) of her epic and immortal romance, Oy, Rodney. I almost typed “immoral,” but it was just a close shave.

Certainly we would be thrilled and delighted if Ms. Crepuscular, the Queen of Suspense, were to honor us with a personal appearance. Problem is, no one seems to know where Violet lives or what she looks like. She could come to the party impersonating one of us, and we’d never know. Like, anybody could say, “I’m Thewhiterabbit”–and we wouldn’t suspect it wasn’t true.

Just as seven ancient Greek cities each claimed to be the birthplace of Homer, no town or city today claims Violet Crepuscular. The town of Forked River, New Jersey, refutes the story that she once spent two days there, waiting for her Pulitzer Prize.

Hey! Does anybody out there have a picture of the real Violet Crepuscular? Please share it here, if possible. We need to honor this woman as she deserves. I mean, who else would stretch out a romance to 500 chapters?

As Constable Chumley would say, “Aw’s begrythin’ yon basing-strock!”

We Need You, Teens!

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This may sound strange coming from some guy who reads The Dumbest Generation and thinks the colleges should be defunded, but I mean it–

We need more teenagers on this blog! Yes, I said more teenagers. No, I haven’t lost my mind.

We need your energy, your enthusiasm, your high spirits. We have a lot to teach–but what good’s that, if there’s no one around to teach it to? We need the way you come up with crazy ideas that turn out not to be so crazy, after all.

We need your fellowship, your humor, and your sense of fun.

Most of all, we need you to enter into our labors with us and carry on the work of proclaiming God’s word and trying to keep our country from going off the deep end. We aren’t going to be here forever. We’ll need you to take over for us.

And we do not charge a membership fee, so sign up today. Subscribe, follow, be a part of our community.

Let’s liven up this place.

Am I a Calvinist?

John Calvin | Christian History

Somebody out there thought she was putting the screws to me by forcing me to… admit!…that I’m a Calvinist. Like that’s bad or something.

My family is Lutheran, Methodist, and Catholic–so naturally I was brought up and instructed in the Dutch Reformed Church. It’s now “the Reformed Church in America,” and full of liberals. But the old Dutch Reformed was Calvinist. So in that sense, I suppose that makes me a Calvinist. Sort of.

Here on this blog, our Christian community embraces people from many different denominations and from all over the world. Welcome, if you’re Catholic. Welcome, if you’re Protestant. Welcome if you don’t bother with the labels. We read and believe the Bible, Jesus Christ is our Savior and Our King, and we hunger for the day of His return–and meanwhile we work in His service. So we don’t bother with the labels, either. We like to think that here in America we’ve outgrown that old 17th-century European thing of trying to kill off everyone whose beliefs differ in any way from yours.

Calvinists believe that man is depraved, owing to Original Sin, and cannot save himself. Us Calvinists don’t believe in the worldly perfectibility of man. We don’t believe the vision of the omelet justifies breaking all those eggs. But to be honest, we didn’t need John Calvin to tell us that. St. Paul told us first–and he belongs to all the churches.

For the benefit of all Christians living in this evil age, let me close with a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately.”

Linda Update

I’ve just heard from our dear friend Linda. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday, and now has to get through a long series of doctors’ appointments. She feels very weak and has difficulty with her breathing. But at least she’s still here! And still in need of our prayers: she’s a long way from being out of the woods, so keep those prayers coming.

Dear Lord our God, in Jesus’ name, please stay with Linda every step of the way and lead her out of danger, restore her health, and heal her: for we know you are able to do this. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.