‘They’re Not Just Idiots’ (2016)


(Is there a Cuomo unaccounted for?)

How many times do I find “Comments Disabled” on a YouTube page set up to display and share a hymn? And why are they disabled? Usually because atheists or other libs ‘n’ progs have barged into the room and peed on all the furniture. Metaphorically speaking.

They’re Not Just Idiots…

Of late I’ve slightly changed my position. These people aren’t “anti-religion.” They’re only anti-Christianity. Hating themselves, hating their country, they naturally hate America’s Christianity. (Hint to liberal churches: Don’t be suckers; they hate you, too.)

The more they rail against “haters,” the more hate they spew out.

It really stings them if they can’t control other people’s lives.

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  1. They have their own religion — religion of the state, or of the self, or of some utopian abstraction, or of some combination of the above — and in their religion, Christians are the heretics to be expunged from the True Religion. As for the other already existent religions (Islam, Hinduism, animism, etc.), they’re just exotics, dress-up opportunities and/or potential weapons against the hated Christians.

    1. It’s “intersectionality” for them, but “cultural appropriation” for us. Besides, consistency and logic are racist heteronormative phallologocentric white supremacy.

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