Some Unsettling Things I’ve Come to Believe

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Here are some things I’ve come to believe. I wish I didn’t.

*”The narrative” is always a lie, or a stew of lies. Always. And those who cite “the narrative” are liars.

*As soon as ALL the noozies in the world started referring to the alleged COVID vaccine as “the jab,” I knew it was all crapola. Why would they try to get this treated so casually, unless they were purposely deceiving us?

*The UN and the World Economic Forum seized on the “pandemic” as an opportunity to stage a dress rehearsal for world government. If they didn’t brew up COVID-19 themselves. “Hey! Can we vaccinate everybody in the world? And then maybe we can do other things to them!”

*Science does not report its findings honestly.

*The FBI is hopelessly corrupt and must be terminated.

*The world’s self-anointed elites despise us, intend to commit crimes against us, desire to install themselves as our masters, wiping out our freedoms–and are locked in service to Satan. Amazing, how cheaply they sell their souls.

I don’t want to hear about Illuminati or Annunaki or Dr. Fu Manchu. This stuff is being done right before our eyes. Do you really need a crystal ball to see that vote-by-mail is crooked?

Pray hard. It may be God will save us.


5 comments on “Some Unsettling Things I’ve Come to Believe

  1. It is, indeed, moving toward the “mark” in ways I hadn’t anticipated until recently. Ba-a-d. But, if we remain faithful to the Lord, be aware of deception, we can make it.

  2. So many things we have been taught are science is just lies, like evolution.

    How about something else to ponder. What about space? Is it really a vacuum, or close to a vacuum? An airplane, when cruising at 35,000 feet is just a pressurized tube. If part of the fuselage ruptures, rapid decompression will take place, until the pressure inside the fuselage equals the pressure outside the plane. Nothing is sucked out of the plane, it’s just that things get carried along with the rapidly flowing air.

    That’s the same thing that happens to a submarine that dives below its crush depth. And when the hull ruptures, the greater pressure outside rushes into the place of less pressure, in an instant.

    The skin of the plane and hull of the submarine are barriers between two places. One place with more air pressure, and one with less. Can pressurized air (earth’s atmosphere), exist next to a vacuum (space) without a barrier?

  3. That is a good question. But to answer that, brings you into the realm or subject, upon which many get hot under the collar, Christians included. I am working on a new book, and one of the subjects or issues will deal with this (just a bit). The doctrines include, the Godhead, tithing, the Sabbath, and evolution vs creation. You know where I stand on the issue of evolution, but on the other three subjects, you will find it enlightening, where and why I stand where I do.

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