WEF: ‘How Can We Fool the Peasants?’

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The predators

The World Economic Forum–unelected wannabe dictators–has called on, um, “scientists” to figure out why people refuse to take the COVID vaccines (which are not really vaccines in the sense we’ve always understood the world) (https://conservativeplaylist.com/2022/08/29/rockefeller-foundation-wants-behavioral-scientists-to-figure-out-why-people-refuse-to-take-the-vaccine/). They’ve set aside at least $20 million for a “Mercury Project” to find ways to counter people’s resistance to their “vaccinate”-everyone-on-earth campaign.

Dudes, let me save you some money! Here’s why we won’t let you “vaccinate” us.

We don’t trust you. Not for a New York minute.

We don’t trust your experimental mis-named “vaccines.” We’re afraid your “jabs” will destroy our health and maybe even kill us. “Vaccinated” people in the prime of life are dropping dead all over the world. It doesn’t build confidence, sunshine.

We know you hate us and despise us. You haven’t been exactly bashful about letting it show.

We are sure you’re trying to subject us to some global government that will closely resemble the Chinese Communist Party. You have an insatiable lust for power and wealth, all at our expense. You are not nice people.

Once you achieve 100% “COVID compliance,” you’ll shoot for 100% compliance with everything the goverment wants to do, and total control of human life. If anybody still wants to live, once you’ve carried out your utopian projects that will wreck our world. A future of eating bugs because the Kobe beef crowd at the WEF says we should–that’s just not appealing.

The self-anointed global elite is a parasitic species living off the lifeblood of humanity. This is Dracula times a thousand. May God defend us.

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  1. Fraudulent president biden loves the W.E.F and has spoken there many times. Biden is all for the W.H.O having total control over the planet’s health system in times of pandemic. The latest is twinkling, sparkling EVs – won’t it just be magical when we are all forced to have one and China controls our energy grid -NOT!

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