Update: Far Left ‘Educator’ Placed on ‘Administrative Leave’

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Communism in the classroom: “Make it the norm,” he said.

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No, it’s not the same as getting fired. It’s sort of like being taken off the shelf until people forget what you did. But in this case it does indicate some welcome pushback.

The Greenwich, CT, school district has placed on “administrative leave” the assistant principal at Cos Cob Elementary School–for bragging to a nationwide audience that he never hires Catholics or conservatives, or anybody over 30 if he can help it, to teach at his school (https://greenwichfreepress.com/schools/cos-cob-school-assistant-principal-placed-on-administrative-leave-186128/).

In Connecticut it’s against the law to discriminate against job applicants based on age or religious belief. True, Democrats routinely ignore or break laws without incurring even the slightest punishment. But winning national attention by bragging about breaking the law–well, no, they couldn’t have him doing that. (See yesterday’s post, “How Public School ‘Teachers’ Get Hired”).

Why wouldn’t he hire Catholics or conservatives? Because he wanted to hire only young, “progressive” Protestants who would indoctrinate children with their Far Left politics. I mean, he said so! It seems there are a lot fewer commies out there than “educators” like to believe. Even in Connecticut.

So this idiot is on the shelf for a while, but there’s plenty more where he came from. The public education industry cranks ’em out like french fries.


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