Another Bell Mountain Picture

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This drawing is by Kathleen’s sister, Kerolyn, who’s only nine years old. It shows Ellayne and Jack drinking tea with Hesket the Tinker, who turns out to be a very nasty villain. Kathleen and Kerolyn live in Brazil. These are very accomplished kids!

A book for young readers… illustrated by children. Why hasn’t anybody done that before? I’d love to see that for Bell Mountain.

Girls, hang on to those drawings! Who knows? We may be able to put them in the books someday.

5 comments on “Another Bell Mountain Picture

  1. Hello Mr. Lee Duigon, it’s me Kerolyn, thank you so much for posting my drawing. I’m glad you liked it, if you want I can always send you drawings, I already have another drawing almost ready that you’ll see soon. Don’t worry because my sister and I keep all the drawings we make.

    1. Thank you very much, Mr. Lee Duigon. Tomorrow if I can I will send you another drawing. I’m drawing the part where Helki and Uduqu give Ryons a “royal” bath.

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