‘This Has to Stop’ (2018)

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So you want to talk about ‘extremists’?

Our nooze media has a very short memory.

Left-wing thugs spent the entire four years of Donald Trump’s term doing various mischief that, if done by Republicans, would be called an “insurrection” and “a threat to our democracy”; but when they do it, it’s “Mostly peaceful protest.”

This Has to Stop

Actively encouraged by Democrats in Congress, the thugs tried to disrupt the seating of a Supreme Court justice, verbally assaulted and threatened U.S. Senators in public places, gathered at conservatives’ homes and threatened their families–to say nothing of trashing whole cities, killing and injuring their fellow citizens, and doing billions of dollars worth of damage.

But if anybody on the other side steps out of line by even an inch, it’s hysterically denounced as “insurrection.”

Our republic will never be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business.

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