We Douhnt Need No Stinkin Fosile Fules!!!

West Virginia coal miners help tourists push dead electric vehicle

Sumb boddy he toled us yiu Has to Has Fosile Fules to make Eelecktrissaty for the Eelectrick cars but we didnt Beleave It and we beet himb Up!!!!

Butt a onederfull Thing hapened “and” I seen a pixture Of it!!! And this heer “pixture” it prooves that YIU DOUGHNT Need Fosile Fules “to” maik yore Eelecktrick Cars run!!!! Awl yiu got to “do” “is” PUSH!!!!!! Yiu doughnt kneead No “fule” At awl!!!!!!!

And our Nothing Studdies prefesser she sayed T”hink Of It!! No moar Un-Umploymint!!! Overnite!!! “Jist pas A Law that Crischins and Repubickins and Wyte Peple thay “has” Got to PUSH evry boddy elste’s Eelecktrick Cars!”!”! Awl it taiks “is” a Zeckutiff Odor fromb Pressadint Jobydin!!!!

And wen thay “Are” nott pushing evry boddy elste’s Eelecktrick cars thay can has “to go” Back To Skool and lern Crypticle Race Theery!!!! How grate is that??? Awl themb Biggits and Haters thay whil has No Eelecktrissaty at awl!!!! Ownly peeple “that” are Foar Socile Jutstus,, we wil “be aloud” to has lites for an howur “Or” twoo at Nite!!!!

I amb goingto By a Eelecktrick Car as “sooon” As “the” Pryce it combs daown!!!!


9 comments on “We Douhnt Need No Stinkin Fosile Fules!!!

  1. Why wait till the price comes down, Joe? Why not make all those Christians and Republicans and blue-collar workers like those coal miners pay for your car — just the way they’ll be paying for your collidge loans?

  2. Don’t hold your breath, Joe, on EV’s prices coming down. The public doesn’t want them. And by the way, did you know plastic and medicines come from fossil fuels? – didn’t think so.

    1. I can’t help but wonder if there will be a massive disposal problem. Large Lithium Ion batteries are not necessarily all that good of a thing to have around.

    2. They’re already having disposal problems with worn out solar panels and windmill blades, not to mention the accompanying batteries. Interesting, isn’t it, that all these (ahem) planet-saving projects and mandates are poisoning the planet? Oh, and also killing thousands of protected-species birds?

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