Dem Senate Candidate (We Quote): ‘Treat Them People Like S***’

At least two Democrat candidates for Congress in South Carolina have asked their party’s U.S. Senate candidate to step down–after Project Veritas caught her saying what she actually thinks of the people she wants to represent (

Warning: Nooze clip contains carloads of cuss words and vulgarity… because that’s how she talks.

Krystle Matthews says white people “gotta be treated like s***” because “it’s the only way they respect you.” Not that she’s exactly awed by black voters, either. According to Matthews, “I talk white s*** to white voters and black s*** to blacks.” But! “Regardless of race, I love everybody.” We are at liberty to disbelieve this.

Remember when the Senate used to be a place famous for its dignity? Probably that’s always been a lie. It was a given that a certain number of clowns and dingbats would populate the House of Representatives… but not the Senate! Please, no, not the Senate!

Sorry, kid. Senate’s got ’em, too.

Look, I’m from New Jersey, it’s a glass house so I’m not throwing stones. But do the voters of South Carolina really, truly, want this caricature to represent them in the Senate?

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