My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 20 (‘When Lawlessness Is Law’)

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It failed in Russia, so they’re trying to bring it here.

Freedom is on the verge of becoming an endangered species. Cops in Britain are making up new laws as they go along; and here at home, our medical establishment wants our “Justice” Dept. to prosecute parents for breaking laws that don’t exist.

When Lawlessness Is Law

These people would eat us if they could. They’re doing everything in their power to destroy free countries and replace them with an authoritarian global government. As we see, they don’t care for the niceties of law: they think they are the law.

Folks, it’s them or us. They will not let you keep your freedom.

‘Our Leaders Are Insane’ (2016)

Lutheran Republicans pretending to be Islamic terrorists prepare to murder another batch of victims.

Back in 2016, Democrats were all saying there was no such thing as “Islamic terrorism,” never mind the massacres.

Now they say all tens of millions of us who voted for Donald Trump–well, we are now “domestic terrorists.” The Democrat “president” says so!

Our Leaders Are Insane

This is the crew that has the FBI spy on parents at local school board meetings. They still deny there’s any such thing as Islamic terrorism… but parents who don’t like their children being force-fed Critical Race Theory and transgender propaganda in the public schools that they flaming well pay for…Oooh! Now that’s terrorism!

We are governed by idiots who hate us.

Is It Hubris… Or What?

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You know I don’t like to do nooze on the weekends, but I have a question that just keeps nagging at me. Some of you may want to weigh in on it.

The mask of sanity has been torn off this alleged presidential administration. They aren’t trying anymore to act like the elected functionaries of a republic. They’ve turned the FBI into a goon squad. They’re in bed with the Chicoms. They’ve cut off much of our energy supply. Unionized “teachers” blatantly work to herd other people’s children into the wonderful world of Trans. They censor their critics. They act like they can do just anything they please and no one can stop them.

Here’s my question: Is this just plain hubris on a colossal scale… or do they know something that convinces them that there’s no way to rein them in? Have they found a fool-proof way to cheat their way through the midterm elections?

God help us if they have.

What, No Storm Troopers?

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I had this news story–the one about the FBI raiding a pro-life activist’s home like it was The Fortress of Bad–and I wanted to illustrate it with a picture of Adolf Hitler’s storm troopers. These Nazi street thugs played a major role in bringing Hitler to power; and then he turned on them, wiped ’em out.

Ah! But when I searched for “images of storm troopers,” all I got was dozens and dozens of pictures of these ineffectual little nebbishes from the Star Wars movies–who learned everything they knew from a bunch of bowling pins.

Y’know, World War II was not that long ago. Our fathers fought in it. My generation grew up with WWII videos all over TV, toy army men, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich… and Storm Troopers. Brownshirts. Sturmabtielung. I knew all about them by the time I was in sixth grade.

But now? History? The collective memory of the human race? “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

So you make an Internet search for some little piece of history–and what you get is rock bands, movies, cable TV shows that you never heard of, comic books… all this trivial dreck, all this “what’s happening now,” and not a trace of what you were looking for. Yeesh, I hate rock bands.

It’s very hard to learn anything if you can’t freakin’ remember anything! History is our memory. Why are we so quick to embrace amnesia? Are we that fond of old disasters, that we want to relive them?

Maybe we don’t have actual storm troopers today; but our FBI is increasingly good at imitating them.

‘Canada’s Thought Police’ (2013)

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Sew enough of this schiff and you’ll be sure to reap it, too.

Canada’s ahead of us in wiping out civil liberties, but now that our FBI has been transformed into the Democrat goon squad, we’re catching up fast.

As for “diversity”–live by the sword, die by the sword. As this rabbi in York found out.

Canada’s Thought Police

He was happy to help the Thought Police stifle anyone who Thought The Wrong Thing or Said The Wrong Thing…

And then, suddenly, it was his turn to be silenced!

They always think they’re gonna be the ones tying the gags, don’t they?

FBI Goon Squad Storms Family’s Home

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

FBI storm troopers–oops, sorry, I meant “agents”… 25 or 30 of them, armed with rifles–raided a pro-life activist’s family home, scared the dickens out of his seven children, and carted him off to be grilled for a case that a judge had already thrown out of court ( They came in 15 “vehicles” and pounded on the door at 7 a.m.

Are we still in America?

They do these things to show us who’s boss. They would never, never, never do it to a pro-abortion activist.

They do these things to scare the rest of us.

I think it ought to make us angry, not scared. Our tax money, that we worked for, has been used to transform the FBI into a Far Left Democrat goon squad.

There’ll be more and more and more of this if the Democrats can successfully cheat their way through the midterm elections.

Vote Republican as if your country’s life depended on it… which it does.


My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 15 (‘Walking Away from Liberty’)

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I don’t think we can afford to let this stuff go on much longer.

Walking Away from Liberty

The Democrats have turned the FBI into their own partisan goon squad, and now no one is safe. If you’re not a BS-spouting leftid sock puppet, then you must be a “domestic terrorist,” and treated accordingly.

And we know they’re going to cheat in November. Can they steal the midterm elections?

If they can’t, with all the practice they’ve had, then nobody can.

Losing Our Country

FBI Guns Photo Gallery: Firearms Past & Present

Don’t worry, they only shoot conservatives!

They will not stop until they’ve ruined our republic and replaced it with an authoritarian one-party state. By “they” I mean the Democrat Party, the globalist elites, and our home-grown commies in the teachers’ unions and the nooze media.

The redcoats are not just coming, dude. The redcoats are here.

So now they’re using the FBI to intimidate dissenters into submission, using Big Tech to silence all dissent, and using the media to make sure you know what happens to those who get in the way of Progress. Who haven’t they gotten to? I was reading The New York Post this morning and suddenly it turned into The Peking Review, vintage 1967. They’ve got the Post whipped into line.

Note, carefully: There has never been a debate over whether the 2020 election was truly won or truly stolen. Mountains of evidence are out there, but no high court has deigned to look at it. No one has shown the evidence to be false. No one has explained the discrepancies. All we ever get is a big fat “because I said so!” Never any reasons. We have never been given any reason to believe in the integrity of that election. There has never been an open public examination of the evidence.

And since when has it been a criminal offense to be wrong? They want to jail you for “Climate Change Denial.” “Election Denial,” too, if they had their way. Most people are wrong about something, some things, or many things every day of their lives–often without knowing it. Are we all just supposed to shut up and let Joe Biden be the only one in America who’s allowed to be wrong?

Instead of reasons, instead of proof, we get the FBI pouncing on Trump supporters nationwide, invading their homes, confiscating their personal property, and in general behaving just like the gangsters they used to pursue. Only now they’re the gangsters. All they need is more colorful nicknames. Maybe we should have a contest to find the most fitting nickname for Director Christopher Wray. Win a trip to Leavenworth!

Maybe they were always crooks and hooligans, protected by fantastic P.R.

Again I say this: We have never been closer to losing our country than we are now. It has all the earmarks of a coup… and I wonder for how long the Democrats have been planning it.

I will never forgive them for making me think things like that.

FBI Goon Squad Grabs ‘My Pillow’ CEO’s Phone

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Goon squad!

[Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip.]

Where will the FBI stop–or will they just not stop at all?

Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, is the latest in a throng of Trump supporters to be intimidated, bullied, and harassed by goons from the FBI… which is lately coming to look very like the gangsters they used to chase until they got into politics (

Lindell was in his car, in line at a Hardee’s drive-thru, when three cars full of gun-toting FBI goons surrounded him and confiscated his cell phone.

And look how the New York Post has sold us out! You don’t expect to see this schiff in the New York Post, but there it is: Lindell is “a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist” who has been “falsely insisting Donald Trump won the 2020 election.” I’ll have more to say about this a little later.

Hey, FBI! Hey, Dept. of “Justice”! Are you going to come after everyone who sides with Donald Trump? That’s tens of millions of us! Where do your Democrat gauleiters tell you to stop?

“We were just following orders…!”

FBI, you have totally tossed your reputation into the latrine.

‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’ (2016)

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In the midst of a presidential election campaign, in which Democrats floated the idea of throwing people into prison for “Climate Change Denial,” the National Snow and Ice Data Center came up with a bunch of reports of shrinking polar ice caps–reports that were rather easily shown to be untrue.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Oh! But now, having stolen the next election after that, they’ve got what they want! Trillions of dollars spent on “Climate”! And dissenters, beware–that’s the FBI banging on your door in the middle of the night.

We have just about completely lost our country.

Does anyone know how to get it back?