‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

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Well, why not? Everything else is racist. So why not long-extinct reptiles with preposterously long necks?

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

Some of you have wondered, “Is Hormad High School” a real place? Well, hormads were artificial humans created by a mad scientist in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Synthetic Men of Mars. Here in Reality, our self-anointed elites would like nothing better than to replace us all with artificial people, or maybe just robots, that will obey them and never make waves. In that sense, “hormads” are already with us. We just call them Democrats for laughs.

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  1. The trouble with trying to satirize the leftists these days is that no matter how bizarre you think you’re being, somewhere a leftist is saying the same thing — or a more bizarre thing — seriously.

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