‘Celebrate Diversity!’… for Kids

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Extinction is forever, dudes…

I am not going to give the title of this book or the name of its author; I won’t have it said that I helped them sell this book.

Suffice it to say that if enough of us did the things that these Far Left wackos say we should do, the human race would go extinct.

This children’s book suggests we “celebrate diversity” because… (you’ve gotta love this)… because really, everybody’s just like you! Everybody’s all the same!

So all that external stuff, it doesn’t matter, not a bit. Like hair color, height, different hobbies, gender expressions.

Slick, wasn’t it, the way they slipped “gender expressions” into the mix? Some kids collect baseball cards, and some kids are transgender. No problem, nothin’ wrong here.
Go ahead, lop off perfectly healthy body parts, shoot ’em full of puberty-blocker drugs, give ’em goofy pronouns, and now “affirm” the delusion that the boys can be girls and the girls can be boys, can you gimme halleluiah?

This is so far the worst evil of an age notorious for brewing up evils. Maybe they’ll think of something even worse–I wouldn’t put it past ’em. But now loading for Team Satan, the Transgender Express… all aboard!

P.S.–The author is a “children’s librarian.” Why does that not surprise us?

P.P.S–Another non-surprise: all of the action takes place in a classroom. No families, no family homes. “School” is home. God help us.

4 comments on “‘Celebrate Diversity!’… for Kids

  1. The book sounds awful. I see where the Governor of Oklahoma has banned child castration in his state. Our state of Arkansas passed a law against by overriding Governor Hutchinson’s veto.

  2. It’s been said that Satan harbors a special hatred for children not only because of their innocence but because they represent the future of the human race. These modern slaves of Satan attack both the innocence and the future in what they’re doing to children.

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