They’ll Help Your Kids Run Away from Home

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They’ll help you leave your family! Isn’t that just too great for words?

If you’re still behind “public education” after you read this, it’s possible you are a statue.

The state of Virginia has come down on schools for pushing “transgender.” So now a Democrat-affiliated group calling itself the “Pride Liberation Project” is offering to help children and teens run away from home, to be “re-homed” with adults who are to be “queer-friendly guardians” (

The group adds a warning: “Please note that this adult will likely be white.”

Oh, noooo! But we just taught you all white people are racists, didn’t we? Well, these racists are still better than your parents! At least they’ll respect your pronouns!

The group’s funding comes from a Democrat committee called ActBlue. The “Pride” mob offers runaways “a couple hundred dollars immediately–”

Wait! Hold it! Am I actually writing this? Is it actually happening?

I’m afraid it is, kid.

Critics say the chances of some of these “re-home” kids falling victim to sex trafficking and abuse are “almost certain.”

Meanwhile, just in case you’re short of friendly adults who’ll go along with your “gender choice,” you can always, the Pride mob counsels, “invoke suicide.” Simply threaten to kill yourself if you can’t have your way! That’ll learn ’em! If you have to carry out the threat, you’ll be dead, but it’ll be ever so much easier for the next 12-year-old who wants to be applauded for choosing “transition.”

Okay… You want to keep sending your children to public schools?

Tell us why.

10 comments on “They’ll Help Your Kids Run Away from Home

  1. I am so glad I am old and ready to leave this hell hole. It is just too insane for me to deal with.

  2. I thought it was bad enough that California is inviting children to their state to be castrated and they don’t even need their parents permission, but Virginia seems to have this beat. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

  3. Wasn’t this sort of thing once called kidnapping? If the response is that these kids go voluntarily, remember that many victims of past kidnappings were also lured to go with their kidnappers by promises of treats or money or good times. Why are these new kidnappers not under investigation, let alone arrested? (Answer: They’re “Democrat-affiliated.” And woke.)

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