‘To God Be the Glory’

No requests from readers yet today, so I’ll go with one of my favorite hymns–To God Be the Glory, sung by the Apostolic Christian Men’s Group. While you’re listening, check out the lyrics by Fanny Crosby. And the background sets by God the Father.

3 comments on “‘To God Be the Glory’

  1. What many forget, or don’t realize, the background sets by God the Father we see in today’s world, is what is left after the worldwide destruction and devastation from the flood. And yet, there is still such beauty and wonders which can be found all over the earth.

    Consider the beauty and wonders which must have existed before the flood, on God’s earth, of His original creation. All we see now, pales in comparison to what once was. Yes, God can create beauty from destruction and wreckage.

    And God used a blind woman’s many wonderful hymns, to help open the eyes of the seeing, to help “see” and come to the Lord.

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