Colors of the Fall

Five Tips For Photographing Fall Foliage - Digital Photo

I had to take the laundry this morning, hop into my car–and holy cow! You wouldn’t believe the glory of our trees!

My town has always been known for its beautiful trees, wherever they can stop orcs from chopping ’em down; and this fall, wow! Some of the leaves are so bright, it looks like the tree’s on fire–like Moses’ burning bush.

This is the work of the Lord, His mind, His hands. Nothing in this world is perfect, but the Fall season does have its compensations.

Oh, I wish you could see these trees…

9 comments on “Colors of the Fall

  1. Gorgeous. We have some of the same around here. I really enjoy seeing the Lord’s creative art work.

  2. I do miss the fall in Wisconsin, the beautiful colors of the trees. Here in the Philippines, that doesn’t happen. Here there are kind of, two seasons, hot with not as much rain, and not as hot but a lot more rain. And an all year-round is growing season.

    An update on my surgery. I am still here. However, it was just a temporary measure, something that will need to be dealt with again in the near future. Meanwhile, to help with my healing, I am using natural, whole foods, I have a juicer, supplements and so forth.

    If you are living in the USA, be very thankful for the wonderful hospitals there and the cleanliness, which probably most have. To give you just a glimpse of how it is here, there are cats living in the hospitals. After my surgery, while waiting in the emergency room (a large hall), for a room, I saw at least three cats just wandering around, and one looked like it was going to give birth.

    1. Thank you.

      Really, I thought about the same thing. Of course, the cats can wander in and out of the building whenever they want. A few days ago, I had an appointment at another hospital to have another procedure done. While waiting on the second floor in front of the operating room, I thought I heard meowing, well, a few minutes later, a small brown cat appeared. The staff and others waiting to see the doctors didn’t seem to care.

      We have a lot of small lizards living in our apartment. I am sure if they were gone, we would be overrun with bugs.

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