Pro-Testing It Is Harred Whork!!!!

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Yiu got To congranulate themb peeple “in” Eurip, thay Are reely Smart!!! Thay figgured Out how to get Socile Chainge!!!! Jist by glooing them selfs To stuff!!!!!

So gess waht, we done It tooo!! A hole buntch of us fromb “The” Stoodint Soviet we glooed our selfs to stuph too,, jist Like “thay” done!!!! And we toled The Arthorites we woodnt Un-gloo our selphs Ownly wen that Focile Fuwl “it” is Abbollisht!!!!

I glooed My “hand” to the “dor” of the John but then I got jellice wen my frend Hopalong he glooded his selph “to the” Toylit!!!! Haow did he evver think “Of” that??? Well, he awlyaws was Smarter than me!! Gnot menny peeple Are!! i got a A in Nothing Studdies lassed wheek jist for putting my Clothes On backwyrds!!! i didnt do It “on” porpose neether but the prefesser she “still gived me” a A!!!!!!

Well I amb sari to Say So butt we got stuck thare Awl Nite Long!!! and Hopalong his hynie it hurt lyke krazy and my Hand it all Puffed Up and we cuddnt get nothing To “eet” and in the moarning “the Kampus Cops” thay had To “come in” and Get us Out of Thare!!!! “That” hert tooo!

And yiu know waht???? Thay stil didnt Get Ridd Of themb Focile Fuwls!!! Yiu cudd of nocked “me” Over “whith” a Fetther!!!! And pooor Hopalong he sayed he cant Sit Daown ennyware!!!!!

But it whil whork neckst Tyme!!!!!

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