Has God Hardened Their Hearts?

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You’d swear it was brewed up by witches

I was bowled over yesterday by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams suggesting that the way to beat inflation is by… having more abortions! I couldn’t believe any politician would ever say such a thing.

More abortions! Erase our country’s border! Spend like there’s no tomorrow, like money was confetti! Let all the criminals out of jail! Urge and pressure young children to have a sex-change! And don’t forget the Drag Queen Story Hour! And Critical Race Theory!

They aren’t even pretending to be sane anymore. And I wonder–

Has God hardened their hearts, as He hardened Pharaoh’s heart, to move them to an open display of what fools, what crooks, what degenerates they are? Really–what kind of doofus is in favor of any of this stuff? This is mental illness as a public policy agenda.

Are we finally seeing it? How blind do you have to be, not to?

I guess we soon will know.

6 comments on “Has God Hardened Their Hearts?

  1. Indeed, I do believe God is hardening their hearts, and allowing the devil to be revealed for the monster he is. I am just writing a study based on the Book of Ezekiel as compared to our present society (if you can even call it a society). It is so urgent that we believers pray like the prayer in Daniel 9.

    1. I concur. Whatever is happening, does not strike me as being business as usual. There are some very strange things happening.

  2. OK. I don’t know when I will be finished. Today has been one of the worst days yet. I feel almost blind, and so weak, shakey, brain foggy. I’ll work on it some more ASAP.

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